Make Your Dealership Videos Count

   by Aubrey Hankins Dealership video content has quickly grown throughout the industry in the last few years, and it is yet another marketing strategy to set any dealership apart from its competitors. Dealership video can be utilized to create an entire package of video marketing to attract more consumers to your brand. However, with consumers [...]


Go for the Gold: Three Takeaways from the Olympics

by Aimi Gundersen Dealerships and the Olympics: Are you the winner or loser? So I completely have Olympic fever. From the moment the opening ceremonies began to the recaps every night, I am obsessed with the level of competition, the anticipation, and the excitement that accompanies each and every event. Who knew I would watch Badminton [...]


PokémonGo as A Traffic Driver to Dealerships

by Arnold Tuerina So it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog (for myself, that is) but after attending Jim Ziegler’s Internet Battle Plan and watching people choose to go Pokémon hunting rather than network with industry colleagues, it got me thinking. First, yes, I downloaded the app just to see what all of [...]


The Automotive Marketing Home Run

 by David Metter The four bases that make up a baseball diamond can be directly related to the car shopper’s journey. We all know the path begins online. The final destination, or home base, is the dealership. The goal is to surpass all your bases and arrive back at home, or rather, get buyers into your [...]


Key Insights into Understanding the 2016 Car Buyer’s Journey

by Larisa Bedgood Understanding the 2016 Car Buyer’s Journey Car shoppers today are online before they ever step onto your dealership’s lot. And while this trend is not new news, a study commissioned by Cox Automotive through IHS Automotive confirmed that this is new normal for car shopping. Although dealerships may understand this, many have not made [...]


Humanizing Your Dealership

by Subi Ghosh Would you like to know why your consumers are walking-in with their walls up and other dealers are finding it easier to sell?  It’s because you are the stereotypical salespeople behind those walls and the other dealerships no longer have walls because they’ve humanized their team and made them more approachable.  Fortunately [...]


6 Steps to Making Your Website More Than a Digital Brochure

by Jillian Charest   The expectations of today’s car shoppers are rapidly evolving. Shoppers are significantly more mobile, more tech-savvy, and more informed than ever before. They expect purchase process transparency and an engaging website experience where digital interaction is key to a successful sale. The days of dealership websites functioning as digital brochures are [...]


Communication is the Key to Profits

by Chris Miller Very few sales managers would punish a salesperson upon receiving a complaint that they are calling, e-mailing or texting a customer too much. In fact, after assuring the customer that they will have the salesperson stop, that sales manager will probably follow up by giving the salesperson a high five. And, to [...]

Care Sale or Car Key Concept Illustration : A hand silhouette choosing red colored car with automatic key from a number of colorful cars display for sale

For Car Buyers, 5 Is the Magic Number

by Timmy D. James While the consumer’s car buying journey can include upwards of 24 touchpoints, there are some particular milestone moments in that journey that can define and direct their actions. These moments are covered in a report recently released by Google’s Automotive division, “The 5 Auto Shopping Moments Every Brand Must Own.” The [...]


What “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Can Teach Us about Marketing

by Paul Moran It’s been a week now since the seventh installment in the Star Wars franchise hit theaters, breaking all box office records along its way. I’m sure that there is much more money in Disney’s future. That’s the ending of this story. Now for the beginning… Think about the many months leading up [...]