Why Blogging has Failed Most Dealers (and how to not fall into the ‘most dealers’ category)

by JD Rucker Most dealers have tried blogging at some point in the past. Some are still doing it today. Most dealers have failed at blogging. Some are still failing today. It’s a trend that goes back to poor practices taught years ago that have somehow been perpetuated to the point that being like “most [...]


The Effect of “Mobilegeddon” on the Automotive Industry

by Chris Bouchard Mobile devices are becoming a standard means of browsing the internet, researching products and services, and making purchases online. According to Global Web Index, 80 percent of internet users own a smartphone and 47 percent own a tablet. With these kinds of statistics, you better believe that your website is receiving a significant [...]


10 Tips for Effective Automotive Digital Marketing

  by Ljuben Georgiev The automotive industry employs some of the most creative marketing professionals for both their offline and online campaigns. With some of the largest advertising budgets in the world, auto manufacturers also represent one of the biggest consumer markets. So what we can learn from these huge international companies? Here are my [...]

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The Most Important Piece of Social Media Content

by Paul Moran Social media can be somewhat of a battlefield, and, to some degree, companies are being attacked from all sides. On the one side, there’s a battle being waged with social media platforms as they attempt to monetize themselves by reducing the organic reach in an effort to make businesses pay for exposure. [...]


How to Manage Your Dealership’s Online Reputation

by Jeff Dodson Thanks to the plethora of information made available by the internet, today’s car shoppers are excellent researchers. Sites and apps like Yelp, Google Places and have become key players in how customers make decisions, making many dealerships feel as if their reputations are out of their hands. While it’s true that [...]


What Are The Nuts & Bolts Of Internet Marketing?

by Jonathan Floyd A few years ago Internet Marketing was pushed as the next big thing, and now it is pushed as the ONLY thing. It is supposed to be the land where perceptive entrepreneurs, single moms and teenagers are able to make millions with just an idea, businesses will flourish automatically, and customers will [...]


3 Reasons Dealers Should Post Inventory on Social Media

by Jim Jabaay Social media has been a hot topic of discussion for car dealers even before Facebook overtook MySpace. There are plenty of gurus, vendors, experts, and in-store personnel who have different opinions on the topic of posting inventory. To us, the answer is very clear. Studies show that people do not go to [...]

Where Most Service Clinics Fail – And How To Ensure Yours Succeeds

by Jamil Zabaneh Most dealers understand the importance of customer retention. They’re e-mail-blasting sales messages, sending direct mail, and their salespeople are combing over thousands of client records in their DMS, making phone calls to previous customers and orphan owners. The problem is that many dealers don’t realize that, all too often, those messages fall [...]


Make Mobile Traffic a Top Priority for Your Website

by JD Rucker   It took a mini-debate with a potential client to bring me to a conclusion: numbers do lie. Conventional wisdom says otherwise, but in the digital age there is a huge gap between seeing the numbers and understanding them in a meaningful way. I should go ahead and add an addendum to [...]


How Your Dealership is Killing its SEO Strategy

by Timothy Martell Ever wondered who or what your site’s worst enemy is? You’re probably thinking about the dealership across the street who outranks you on Google (or maybe Google itself), but you’d be wrong.  Your site’s worst enemy is your own dealership. Now you’re probably asking yourself, ”How can our store be our site’s worst enemy?” and [...]