4 Powerful SEO Statistics That Prove the Value of Search Traffic

by Mark Frost   While SEO isn’t new to those of us in the digital marketing industry , there are plenty of small and local businesses that are only now being introduced to the power of organic search traffic. Whether you’re a salesperson for a marketing company who needs ammo to make the sale, or a [...]


Know What to Expect When Hiring a Car Online

  by Luca Crivellaro There really isn’t anything you can’t do online now. From finding your soul-mate, booking airline tickets, reserving a room at your favorite vacation spot, buying your groceries, and even hiring a car! Everything can be done from the comfort of your home without leaving your easy chair. Certainly makes life less [...]


Don’t Give Up On Your Customers and They Won’t Give Up On You

by Mike Gorun In life, not everything goes our way. Things happen. Planes get delayed. It rains during a wedding. Life intervenes. In business, the same holds true. If a situation is handled improperly, or is unaddressed, customers are likely to get ignored. With proper attention, however, customers can be forgiving. Take for example, the [...]


In the Middle, it’s the Messaging that Makes Digital Success

by JD Rucker In the world of digital advertising, there are three primary components: targeting, messaging, and landing pages. So much emphasis is put on targeting such as PPC keywords or display ad placement. After that, the focus is often placed on the landing page, particularly with the debate over whether to point visitors towards [...]

Listen To Me

Your Customers Are Talking To You. Are You Listening?

by Paul Moran One of the key metrics to look at when gauging the health of your Facebook page is the “People Engaged” metric. This tells you how many of your pages’ fans are interacting with you, as well as those that are interacting but are not fans of your page. The higher that percentage, [...]

Award of Victory

Two Tips to Differentiate Your Dealership from 99 percent Of Competitors

by Brian Cox In order to decrease bounce rates, if a customer clicks on an ad – whether that’s a banner ad, PPC, email ad or one specifically targeted for a mobile device – it is not a good practice to simply take that customer to your home page. Forcing a consumer to then do [...]


Is the Internet An Enemy To Car Dealerships?

by David Metter A 2014 study by Autotrader showed that consumers are visiting fewer dealers in their car shopping than ever before. This is certainly a by-product of the availability of information. No longer do consumers have to visit multiple dealerships to find the right vehicle. They simply sit in front of their computers and browse [...]


Six Fast & Furious Tips on Mobile Marketing for Auto Dealers

By David Metter Our marketing universe is quickly becoming untethered as smartphones and tablets gain a broader share of web access to information and entertainment.  The mobile marketing world is still new to many dealers and we’re experiencing a learning curve about how to market, manage, and leverage this new landscape.  Here are 6 Quick [...]


Why Blogging has Failed Most Dealers (and how to not fall into the ‘most dealers’ category)

by JD Rucker Most dealers have tried blogging at some point in the past. Some are still doing it today. Most dealers have failed at blogging. Some are still failing today. It’s a trend that goes back to poor practices taught years ago that have somehow been perpetuated to the point that being like “most [...]


The Effect of “Mobilegeddon” on the Automotive Industry

by Chris Bouchard Mobile devices are becoming a standard means of browsing the internet, researching products and services, and making purchases online. According to Global Web Index, 80 percent of internet users own a smartphone and 47 percent own a tablet. With these kinds of statistics, you better believe that your website is receiving a significant [...]