More Traffic or Better Converting Websites? Why Choose?

by Jeff Sterns In our blog post about the two ways dealers can increase leads, I talked about the differences between driving more traffic as a strategy versus improving your websites ability to generate leads from the traffic it’s already getting. This is on our blog and obviously I’m going to lean towards our own expertise [...]


Four Tips for a Shining Advertising Strategy this Holiday Season

by Chris Remuzzi The holidays are here, and there’s plenty of evidence that this shopping season will be the most digitally connected yet. According to one projection, online sales will increase at least 13.5 percent compared with 2013. Shopper confidence due to lower gas prices and a recovering economy helps support the overall feelings of good [...]


StickOut dress up your car!

StickOut is a product that lets you decorate your car with artwork designed by artists around the world. The solution for innovative car personalization.  StickOut partnered with designers across the globe to bring a diverse selection of art for all car makes and models. Love art? Show it off with a Monet-inspired Toyota has unique artwork to represent your [...]


Social Media Engagement is a Two-Way Street

by Erika Kay Simms The most amazing part about the internet and social media is that it has opened up communication between people and businesses that was never possible before. We now have the ability to talk to our customers and for them to talk to us in an interactive fashion, allowing for clear lines [...]


The Pursuit of Mediocrity is YOUR Best Friend

by JD Rucker The car business is loaded with lions and gazelles. Some are ferocious, competitive beasts who want nothing but the best and they’re willing to do what it takes to acquire it. Others accept what they’re given and they’re happy to still be alive and thriving after the economic hardship came and went. [...]


Three Warning Signs Your Dealership is Not Ready for Social Media

by Kathi Kruse You hear it everywhere: Social Media is the place to be. You hear it on the media, you hear it from your progressive employees and/or salespeople, heck, you might even hear it inside your own head. A little man sits on your shoulder everyday saying, “You better pay attention here because you’re [...]

Digital_Marketing_Mistakes (1)

Digital Marketing Mistakes Every Dealership Should Avoid

by Mark Frost There are many mistakes companies and marketers alike make when breaking into digital marketing. Whether we’re talking about automotive SEO, PPC, or social media, you have to understand the fundamentals of each type of marketing strategy before you can truly create successful campaigns. If your business is looking to invest time and money [...]


3 Things to Check When Looking at Responsive Dealer Websites

by JD Rucker The mad rush is just starting. By this time next year, the majority of automotive website providers will have responsive, adaptive, or a hybrid in place as their website platform. The days of focusing strictly on the desktop and having a plug-in mobile solution are quickly fading. That’s the good news. The [...]


Dealers-First Mentality. The Industry Needs It.

by Jon Lamb I hear from friends in the industry, both on the vendor side and the OEM side, things that are both discouraging as a business owner and alarming as someone who loves the car business. “Dealers need to do what we tell them about their marketing.” “If dealers would let us handle everything, [...]


5 Blogging Myths and 5 Tips

by Jerry Petrotto Jeff Kershner and I were having a great conversation the other day about why dealers don’t have a blog on their dealership’s website and for the dealers who do, how can they make the blog posts even more effective. We came up with a number of ideas and good shortcuts I wanted to share [...]