Three Warning Signs Your Dealership is Not Ready for Social Media

by Kathi Kruse You hear it everywhere: Social Media is the place to be. You hear it on the media, you hear it from your progressive employees and/or salespeople, heck, you might even hear it inside your own head. A little man sits on your shoulder everyday saying, “You better pay attention here because you’re [...]

Digital_Marketing_Mistakes (1)

Digital Marketing Mistakes Every Dealership Should Avoid

by Mark Frost There are many mistakes companies and marketers alike make when breaking into digital marketing. Whether we’re talking about automotive SEO, PPC, or social media, you have to understand the fundamentals of each type of marketing strategy before you can truly create successful campaigns. If your business is looking to invest time and money [...]


3 Things to Check When Looking at Responsive Dealer Websites

by JD Rucker The mad rush is just starting. By this time next year, the majority of automotive website providers will have responsive, adaptive, or a hybrid in place as their website platform. The days of focusing strictly on the desktop and having a plug-in mobile solution are quickly fading. That’s the good news. The [...]


Dealers-First Mentality. The Industry Needs It.

by Jon Lamb I hear from friends in the industry, both on the vendor side and the OEM side, things that are both discouraging as a business owner and alarming as someone who loves the car business. “Dealers need to do what we tell them about their marketing.” “If dealers would let us handle everything, [...]


5 Blogging Myths and 5 Tips

by Jerry Petrotto Jeff Kershner and I were having a great conversation the other day about why dealers don’t have a blog on their dealership’s website and for the dealers who do, how can they make the blog posts even more effective. We came up with a number of ideas and good shortcuts I wanted to share [...]


Get Your Customers Properly Engaged with Your Dealership

by Jon Lamb I know. It’s a buzzword. It’s impossible to keep track of number of times experts in the car business have used the word “engagement” when describing how to get more customers. Engage on social. Engage on search. Engage on YouTube. Engage on your website. It’s a mess but it’s still important to [...]


Automotive Advertising Should be as Close to Perfect as Possible

by Paul Accinno It really should go without saying, but we’ve seen so many of low effort attempts at advertising over the last few months that it became necessary to bring the topic up. Your advertising should be amazing every time. We’ve seen poor creative being passed off as banner ads, poor-quality ads being posted [...]


The Four Qualities Successful Dealers Have for an Effective SEO Strategy

by Pete Bruhn & Kevin LeSage Every dealership wants to be at the top of Google, but not every dealer understands SEO or knows what it takes to get there. Search strategies vary based on your dealership’s goals and objectives, the competitiveness of your local market, and your marketing plan. Here are four qualities that our [...]

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7 Crucial Days Following a Test Drive

by Rebecca Kon …7 days… It’s not just a quote from the terrifying film “The Ring”, or as the Japanese know it “Ringu”, which I watched with my face behind a pillow – it’s also the crunch time for car buying decisions. recently reported that 79% of shoppers buy a car within 7 days after [...]


The 5 Rules of Social Media Etiquette for Car Dealers

by Mark Frost Your dealership is probably struggling to see the ROI from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You want to sell cars through social media–despite marketers saying that’s the wrong approach–but are unsure of how to properly attract social media users to your profiles. So what if I told you that you [...]